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Formaldehyde is a widely used, simple production process, and abundant raw material supply bulk chemical product, and is the backbone of the downstream product tree of methanol. Formaldehyde, in addition to being directly used as a disinfectant, bactericidal, and preservative, is mainly used in industries such as organic synthesis, synthetic materials, coatings, rubber, and pesticides. Its derivative products mainly include polyformaldehyde, polyformaldehyde, phenolic resin, urea resin, amino resin, Ulotor products, and polyols. The Engineered wood industry is developed, and there is a great demand for formaldehyde. Formaldehyde has a wide range of uses, including synthetic resins, surfactants, plastics, rubber, leather, papermaking, dyes, pharmaceuticals, pesticides, photographic films, explosives, building materials, as well as disinfection, fumigation, and anti-corrosion processes. It can be said that formaldehyde is a versatile tool in the chemical industry.


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