1、 Basic information of the enterprise
Shandong Dyck New Materials Co., Ltd. was established on January 17, 2020, and is located 150 meters north of the intersection of Xingda West Street and Qingshi Road, Economic Development Zone, Linshu County, Linyi City, covering an area of 142 mu. The company currently has total assets of 35.48 million yuan, with a debt ratio of 2%. The main business of the company is the R&D, production and sales of environmental friendly resins and organic aldehyde acid and other products, forming an annual output of 400000 tons of formaldehyde, 200000 tons of UFC-85 prepolymer, 60000 tons of Glyoxal/year, 60000 tons of urea formaldehyde resin/year, 20000 tons of phenolic resin/year, 30000 tons of Glyoxylic acid/year, 30000 tons of amino molding compound and amino paint resin/year. The company's products are mainly sold to sheet metal enterprises in Shandong and Jiangsu provinces, and long-term stable supply contracts have been signed with some sheet metal enterprises. At present, the company is in the construction phase and has not yet generated economic benefits.
2、 Project Construction Guidelines and Necessity
Product Usage
The urea formaldehyde resin products produced by the company are widely used in the fields of furniture, building materials, and ships; Phenolic resin is widely used in friction materials, casting industry, oil well sand fixation, rubber processing, refractory materials, electronics, construction and other industries; Amino molding compounds and amino coating resins are widely used in industries such as electronics, electrical appliances, automobiles, machinery, and daily utensils (sealed plastic). Organic aldehydes are mainly used as raw materials for explosives, dyes, pharmaceuticals, pesticides, fungicides, disinfectants, etc.
Technical Principles
The company mainly uses the "silver catalytic method" production technology for organic aldehydes, and the "synthesis method" production technology for environmentally friendly resins. Compared with the same industry at home and abroad, the company's products can achieve a 10% reduction in comprehensive consumption of raw and auxiliary materials, as well as a 10% reduction in comprehensive costs and energy consumption compared to the same industry.
3、 Project products and technical level
The project process technology is provided by Heze Runquan Chemical Co., Ltd., Hubei Shunhui Biotechnology Co., Ltd., and Linyi Anda Machinery Equipment Co., Ltd., which produce environmentally friendly resins and organic aldehydes domestically. The product content can all reach first-class products.
4、 Main construction content
The project is mainly to build two formaldehyde units, one Glyoxal unit, one urea formaldehyde resin, phenolic resin, amino molding compound and amino paint resin workshop. About 38000m2 of new formaldehyde, Glyoxal, urea formaldehyde resin and other production plants and auxiliary utilities will be built, and major production equipment such as evaporators, oxidation reactors, absorption towers, humidification towers, air filters, ternary filters, resin reactors and various pumps will be purchased.
5、 Project investment, funding sources, and economic and social benefits prediction
The total investment of this project is 1 billion yuan, with funds raised by the enterprise. After the project is completed and put into operation, it can achieve sales revenue of 1.956 billion yuan and tax revenue of 415 million yuan, including a net profit of 88.21 million yuan. The internal rate of return after tax for all investment income is 26.90%, and the investment payback period (after tax) is 5.75 years. The average investment profit margin is 19.75%, achieving job employment.
6、 Project Master Plan
The project started construction in February 2022, and the main civil work is planned to be completed in May 2023. Production equipment installation and pipeline construction work will begin in July 2022. Starting from January 2023, equipment and pipeline insulation will be carried out. Pipeline blowing, pressure testing, and equipment trial operation will be carried out in March, and trial production will be carried out in June.
In December 2022, personnel recruitment began. In March 2023, personnel allocation was completed, and training and learning were conducted at Runquan Chemical in Heze City. After completing the learning, they returned to the company for device blowing, pressure testing, and trial production.
Enterprise Prospects
In the future, the company will combine upstream and downstream product customers, expand its business scope, carry out multi-disciplinary and diversified reforms, and gradually develop towards collectivization.



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